My name is Devinder Singh and I live in Brampton, Ontario in Canada. Being born in "The City Beautiful" Chandigarh, a small city surrounded by the Shivalik mountain range and capital of two northern states of India, I am passionate about photography and appreciate nature's beauty in it's every creation. Other than photography, I have interest in Computers, Technology and science which is the reason behind choosing IT as my career.

The reason I am here is to try to add another dimension to my social circle. Here  I will share my own little experiences, learnings and knowledge. I am here not try to change the world or mindsets but to express my own opinion and understanding about the things around us. Most of the times you will find my posts regarding photography and computer networking for the reasons obvious but often I will express my views on other things. Many times I will write about somethings which others have already done but again, I will write cause it will be new for me so please don't judge me on that.

Most important, all what I am today and everything which I have achieved so far would not have been possible without the love and support given by my family, my loving wife and true friends. I cant thank God enough for blessing me with so many wonderful people around.

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