Affordable 10gig home network!

Phew! Its been so busy for the past few weeks! Okay okay, past few months!

Alright, its been a few years! Okay?

Yes, I am posting after a few years today and I am so excited to share this wonderful resource I found while researching about 10gig home network. Yes, that’s right, a 10 gig home network is not so “out of reach” for enthusiasts these days especially when enterprise networks are now deployed on 40 or 100 gig speeds. That leaves a lot of working used networking gear up for grabs on our very own “eBay”. Anyways, what I wanted to share was this forum post written by fohdeesha in so much depth that you can easily make up your mind what device is best for you.

Ruckus ICX 6450-48P Switch
ICX 6450-48P Switch

I decided to get myself a Brocade ICX6450 which needs a licence to unlock 10Gig speed for two of its four SPF+ ports. Don’t sweat, fohdeesha has us covered for that aswell, just get registered on and he will help you.

So, what are you waiting for, go get a 10Gig device and rise above the 1gig realm.